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Seek Peace Jerusalem - Activists’ Community

The initiative שאלו שלום ירושלים calls on members of the religious communities in Jerusalem, including Jewish students learning Torah in this Holy City, to join hands with our fellow Jerusalemites who suffer from discrimination.

In the neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah and Batan Al-Hawa in Silwan, approximately 150 families - more than 1000 individuals - face eviction from their homes. You can learn about the background for these evictions in The Sheikh Jarrah Affair: Strategic Implications and Broken Trust (on Batan Al-Hawa).

Isaiah’s vision of "...בית תפילה לכל העמים" / “My House shall become a house of prayer for all people...” will only become a reality when all families in Jerusalem, regardless of race or religion, feel safe in their homes.

We invite you, as Jews who believe באלוהים ובאדם, in God and in humanity, as residents of Jerusalem, to do 

'את הטוב והישר בעיני ה / what is good and upright in the eyes of God and stand with us against the discrimination and injustice occurring in our midst.

While we come from a wide variety of Jewish religious communities, and reflect different political outlooks from both “right” and “left,” we are united in our opposition to these unjust evictions.

Perhaps you ask yourself, “If this is government policy, what can I do to stop the evictions!?!” A strong case can be made that it was public protest against family evictions in Sheikh Jarrah that froze the evictions a decade ago. They have recently begun again after a hiatus of almost ten years.

The history of social justice movements, from Civil Rights to Soviet Jewry, demonstrates that when people raise their voices, governments take notice. We must not let despair overcome us. If we invest what it takes, we can help stop the evictions again.

We note that we are inspired by the proud history in this shared city of Jewish and Arab Jerusalemites risking themselves to protect their neighbors. One dramatic example occurred in the very neighborhoods of which we speak when Arab families saved the lives of Jewish neighbors during the Arab massacres in the 1920’s. There are families in these neighborhoods who still cherish letters of thanks they received from Jewish neighbors from that dark time. In this spirit, we struggle to protect our Palestinian neighbors from evictions today.

We will therefore raise a public Jewish voice in opposition to the evictions and in support of the families to uphold the moral vision at the core of our eternal connection to Yerushalayim voiced of old by the prophets of Israel who walked her streets.

We call on the government to stop these evictions as an expression of faithfulness to the principles of justice and equality upon which Israel was founded and to find a permanent solution that allows these families to remain in their homes. (Click on the links to access proposals by former Atty. General Michael Ben Yair and the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research).

Stand with us in faithfulness to Israel, Jerusalem, and Justice - Join us in raising our voices to protect our neighbors.

Sign the public letter to the protect the families!

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Sign the Petition:

150 families in Sheikh Jarrah and Batan Al-Hawa are in danger of being unjustly evicted from their homes.

Join us and speak out to keep our neighbors in their homes

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