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Download File: Psalms for Jerusalem Families

Download the Psalms for the Families below.

This mini prayer book has been arranged in support of hundreds of Palestinian families in Jerusalem who face unjust evictions from their homes in East Jerusalem. The evictions are carried out by the State of Israel, The Jewish National Fund (KKL) and organizations such as "The City of David". The families are evicted from their homes in order to "Judaize" the neighborhoods in which they live, that is, to transform them from Arab neighborhoods to Jewish neighborhoods.

This cruel immoral policy is being executed in the name of the Jewish people and the holiness of Jerusalem and it is a desecration of God's name. Therefore, our prayer is a protest: a Jewish protest against a sacrilege perpetrated in our name. We also invite all people of every faith to join us in praying to protect these families in accordance with their own spiritual traditions.

Our prayer is also an attempt to connect to the spiritual and moral power which lies deep in the bedrock of our holy city. The holiness and grandeur of Jerusalem are meant to bear witness to the presence of God in the world and to our commitment to serve God. This aspiration is powerfully embodied in the Book of Psalms.

We therefore engage in reading the psalms out loud, with appropriate spiritual intention, as a pathway to connect to the power of life and spiritual transcendence – the power which is needed to fix what has been broken – which lies in Jerusalem, in Judaism, and in humanity's spiritual traditions.

May it be God's will that our prayers rise up to be support and protection for the families in their time of hardship and persecution.

Tikkun Yerushalayim
Download PDF • 422KB

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