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Eviction (Part 3 of 6) by Diana Lipton: A Cry for Compassion

Almost exactly a month ago, following years of dedicated work by the Israel Land Fund, a three-generation Palestinian family was evicted from its East Jerusalem home of more than 50 years. Other evictions are in process; several families in the neighborhood have already been served with documents. 

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been preoccupied by two seemingly unrelated questions. The first is one of those broken-record type of questions that revolves in your head without a resolution.Why is it almost impossible to find religious expressions of compassion for the Shamasneh family and others in their predicament in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem?

The second question is more like a rock with a diamond inside – you chip patiently away, and little by little the answer is revealed.What’s the connection between the three central cycles of shofar blowing on Rosh Hashana and the piyut, liturgical poem, that follows them?

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