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Eviction (part 4 of 6) by Diana Lipton: Homeless

Following years of dedicated work, the Israel Land Fund, succeeded in evicting a three-generation Palestinian family from its East Jerusalem home of more than 50 years. Other evictions are in the works.

Almost exactly ten years ago, my husband, Peter Lipton z”l, died of a heart attack. He’d recently turned 53, and seemed to be in excellent health – young, in fact, for his age.

I was with Peter when he died. He’d fainted at the end of a squash game, and someone called me from the courts to come and pick him up; he shouldn’t ride his bike home, she said. When I got there, Peter walked towards me, white and sweaty. Are you OK to get into the car, I asked? I’m fine, he replied, and slumped to the ground. The ambulance came quickly, and for half an hour the crew worked to resuscitate him. But it was too late.

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