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Jerusalem Day and a Day in Jerusalem - by Diana Lipton

In this essay about Jerusalem Day and Jerusalem, Diana Lipton focuses our attention not only on spiritual and philosophic aspects of the holy city, but also on the harsh reality faced by the Sumarin family in Silwan. When you finish reading we hope you'll sign this letter to save the Sumarin family from unjust eviction.


Jerusalem Day

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Jerusalem’s diversity on Jerusalem Day, Jerusalem Time: A Symposium is for you. Seven eye-opening 30-minute conversations about Time in Jerusalem and beyond with an artist, a philosopher, an Imam, a Greek Father, a yeshiva bocher, a film-maker, a climate change activist, a classicist, 2 Talmud scholars and more. Your alarm clock may never look the same again!

Register here to join Jerusalem Time: A Symposium on Zoom, or watch live on YouTube tonight, 20.00-23.30 Israel time, Thursday 21 May, 2020, here. The amazing full program is here.

The symposium is taking place under the umbrella of Jerusalem Tolerance’s Yom Yerushalmim, promoting diversity in Jerusalem, on Jerusalem Day and every day. Go here to see what else they have planned for Jerusalem Day, 2020.

Time and Temporary Structures

The book of Exodus gives detailed instructions for making the mishkan, the tabernacle (Exodus 25-31), followed by a detailed description of how it was made (Exodus 35-39). Finally, in the last chapter of Exodus, in language that evokes God’s creation of the world, Moses sets up the mishkan for the first time – appropriately enough, on the first day of the first month (Exodus 40:1-2). The book of Exodus does not, however, describe the dismantling of the mishkan. There are plausible reasons for this.

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