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Jerusalem Day for Jerusalemites by Diana Lipton

An important perspective on this year's Jerusalem Day by Sha'alu Sh'lom Yerushalayim activist Diana Lipton.

It’s been tense here in Jerusalem since Ramadan began in mid-April, and things are set to heat up again next week when Jews celebrate Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of the reunification of the city after the Six Day War.

Once a modest affair celebrated by a wide range of Jerusalemites, Jerusalem Day’s main event, the flag parade, now attracts thousands of young people from the settlements and very few residents of the city. Its route, unfortunately, runs through Damascus Gate, a site of recent tension, into the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

In recent years, the Jerusalem municipality has made efforts to contain triumphalism and racist hatred among the marchers. But this year, hot on the heels of a recent extreme rightwing demonstration calculated to incite the city’s Palestinian residents, it could be worse than ever.

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