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No Justice for Palestinian Families at the Supreme Court

On Monday of this week members of Seek Peace Jerusalem joined a demonstration against the injustice faced by Palestinian families in Batan Al-Hawa. We stood outside the Supreme Court during proceedings, and members of the families joined us on their way to the courtroom.

After the proceedings, the families still find themselves in fear of unjust eviction from their home (the case involves one building which is home to multiple families). According to Haaretz, the judges are inclined to accept ownership by Ateret Cohanim (in the guise of the “Benvenisti Trust” of the 19th century) but might rule not to evict the families due to the statute of limitations. A decision will be come later.

We pray that the court will apply the statute of limitations. But we cannot ignore the fact that the courts systematically refuse to address the reality that these families have fallen victim to a policy of “Judaization”, according to which Palestinians are expelled to be replaced by Jews, through a combination of discriminatory legislation and unethical cooperation between the state and NGOs like Ateret Cohanim.

These families live only a few hundred meters from the Temple Mount, where according to Jewish tradition stood both the Temple and the High Court of Justice (Sanhedrin). Even as the judges stick their heads in the sand, we cannot turn away our faces. The policy of “Judaization” reflects a broken and twisted version of ourselves, of Judaism and Jewish identity. It is a desecration of the holy and a grave injustice. Jewish tradition contains great stores of light and wisdom, and we must draw from these roots to protect the families, for ourselves and for our neighbors. Amen, may it be willed.

But let justice well up like water, Righteousness like an unfailing stream.

Amos 5:24

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